City of Quincy

Mayor’s Bicycle Commission
The Commission was established in May 2013 and meets monthly to discuss matters of interest and importance to Quincy’s bicycling community.  Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at Quincy City Hall.

City of Quincy Planning Department
Kara Chisholm, Assistant Planner in the City of Quincy Planning Department serves as the Chair of the Mayor’s Bicycle Commission.  Kara and the Planning Department have worked closely with Quincycles to identify streets and roads for bicycle infrastructure.   The latest information from the Planning Department can be found by clicking here for the  City of Quincy Bicycle Planning Page.

City of Quincy Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Plan
The purpose of this report is to recommend solutions for improving the cycling and walking environment in the City of Quincy.  Most of the recommendations focus on solutions that can be implemented in the short term and relatively low cost.  Click here for the City of Quincy Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Plan