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Quincycles First Annual Meeting

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The following is the conclusion to the 2014 Annual Report presented by Nathan Pipho, the President of Quincycles, at the first Annual Meeting of Quincycles – May 15, 2014.     The Future Quincycles is well served by the rich gifts and talents of its leaders and members.  Members of Quincycles are committed to establishing a bicycle culture in the city of Quincy and are willing to put time and energy into making it happen.  Through the efforts of too many people to name (lest I forget someone unintentionally), a strong foundation has been established for Quincycles to continue to lead the way towards the fulfillment of this vision. I am encouraged by our promotional outreach rides schedule for 2014.   “Second Saturday” rides of approximately 20 miles offered April through November, and “Easy Rider Rides” offered on the third Saturday of each month as a way to encourage new or returning bicyclists on a rides fitting to them will help us continue to build the network of bicyclists in Quincy.   Participating in the DPW Bicycle Safety Rodeo on May 17, the Quincy Flag Day Parade on June 14, and the Quincy Farmer’s Market will help us continue to be visible in the community. It is my hope that Quincycles will be constructively persistent in working with the Mayor’s Bicycle Commission to implement bicycle infrastructure on our city streets.  Planning Department Director Dennis Harrington, a supporter of bicycling in Quincy, said at a 2013 Bicycle Commission meeting,  “Nothing will help more than paint on the streets.”  I believe bike lanes will encourage more riders and more riders will encourage even more riders. I would like to close with a story.  This morning I spoke with a 77-year-old Chinese resident of Quincy who was learning English in one of the ESL classes at my church.   He told me he rides his bike twice a week from North Quincy to the Kam Man Market, 219 Quincy Avenue to get groceries.  It occurred to me that this man, and perhaps most bicyclists in Quincy, will never participate in a meeting or event of Quincycles, but it is precisely for them we work.  Our work is not just to improve conditions for ourselves, but for the countless numbers of our neighbors who are already bicycling as a way of life.  May we always remember that our work has a direct impact on the lives of our neighbors and the overall health of Quincy. I am privileged to serve as President of Quincycles and to work with so many great people in this noble effort.  I look forward to what the future holds as we continue our work and our riding fun. Faithfully submitted, The Rev. Nathan Pipho Thursday, May 15,...

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