Quincycles is a group of Quincy residents advocating for bicycle infrastructure on our city streets and promoting responsible bicycling as a means of transportation, recreation, and exercise in Quincy. We are resident led and organized and encourage participation from all types of bicyclists:  commuter, recreational, year-round, seasonal, in all types of weather, only on warm sunny days, long distance, short distance, every once-in-awhile, to every single day cyclists.   We work closely with the City of Quincy Mayor’s Bicycle Commission established in May 2013 to identify issues of concern and safety for Quincy bicyclists.

Quincycles believes that bicycling should be comfortable, safe, and accessible to all regardless of gender, gender identity, race, class, national origin, age, physical ability or any other perceived difference. We believe our many perspectives and experiences unite and strengthen us as a vibrant, trusting, and respectful community. We strive to listen to and learn from all voices, in order to represent and promote an inclusive cycling environment.

Annual membership dues are $25 with all proceeds going towards supporting bicycling in Quincy.  Subscribe with optional auto-renew via Paypal

Or send a check payable to “Quincycles” to our treasurer.  Please include your email address when paying by check.

Donna Cruz, Treasurer
166 Suomi Road
Quincy, MA 02169

QUINCYCLES ANNUAL REPORT Thursday, May 15, 2014 Presented by Nathan Pipho, Quincycles President

Quincycles started with a statement posed to me in the Fall of 2011.  The statement was this:  “A big city like Quincy needs a bicycle committee.”  The statement came from a member of the Milton Bike Committee and was followed up with the encouragement to look and see what the cities of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville were doing to promote bicycling in their communities and to make their streets and roads more conducive to cycling. After confirming that there were no active groups working on bicycling in Quincy, I hosted a public meeting at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 308 West Squantum Street, on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 7:00pm.  Attendees at that first meeting:  Councilor Doug Gutro, Councilor Kevin Coughlin, Mary Smith (Quincy Planning Department), Paul & Karen Anderson (Anderson Bicycle), Maureen Conway, Kevin Gillespie & Irene Lutts, Tim Lanham, Bill Mackey, Bob Mackey, and Maura O’Gara. After that first meeting, we were off and running.  We met again in May 2012 and soon after a “Promotional Committee” headed by Tim Lanham met and organized bike rides on the first Sunday and the second Saturday of the month through the summer and into the Fall of 2012.   In addition to Tim, Mike Smeglin and Joe Hern were our first ride leaders.  An article in the Patriot Ledger on Monday, September 3, 2012 reported,  “A handful of bikers in brightly colored T-shirts pedaled down Hancock Street on Sunday in the first bi-monthly bike ride to inspire local residents to bike more often.  ‘We are trying to get the point across that it’s possible to get out and around on a bike in Quincy.’ said Joe Hern of Quincy.” In September 2012, the group decided on the name “Quincycles.”  A Twitter account, facebook page, and email account were created featuring the new name.  Kristina Johnson of the Quincy Planning Department began meeting regularly with the group and became a key ally and advocate within city government.  At the September meeting Kristina reported that Mayor Thomas Koch had given initial approval for the formation of a “Mayor’s Bicycle Commission.”  The Commission would meet monthly, be subject to open meeting laws and include representation from the following city departments:  Planning, Parks, Recreation, Police, DPW, the Mayor’s Office, and City Council.  Additionally, three citizen representatives would also be appointed.  The first official meeting of the Commission would take place in May 2013. Though unofficially organized, residents continued meeting as “Quincycles” into 2013 with the goal of building a network with all bicyclists in Quincy and to promote bicycling in the city.  The working Mission Statement of Quincycles:  to improve the conditions for bicyclists in Quincy and promote bicycling as a means of transportation, recreation, and exercise in the City.


  • Apr to Oct       “First Sunday” and “Third Saturday” rides offered each month
  • May                 Department of Public Works Bicycle Safety Rode – Saturday, May 18
  • May                 Thursday, May 16 – Inaugural meeting of the Mayor’s Bicycle Commission.  Kristina Johnson was appointed the Chair of the Commission and Quincy residents Joe Hern, Kris Locke, and Irene Lutts were appointed as members.  Several members of Quincycles regularly attended the Commission meetings throughout the year.
  • June                 Quincy Flag Day Parade – Saturday, June 15.  Special thanks to Councilor Kevin Coughlin for donating our “Quincycles” banner.
  • August                        Quincy Farmer’s Market – Friday, August 9
  • September       Counted bicyclists at “rush hour” on – September 11 & 14.
  • September       Quincycles incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit and collected membership dues of $25.   First officers:  President – Nathan Pipho;  Clerk – Joe Hern;  Treasurer – Mike Smeglin.  Additional Board of Directors elected:  Maura O’Gara, Timothy Lanham, and Irene Lutts.  Statement of Purpose in incorporation:  Quincycles works to improve the conditions for bicyclists in Quincy, Massachusetts; and to promote responsible bicycling as a means of transportation, recreation and exercise.
  • November       The website of Quincycles: www.Quincycles.org was launched.
  • December        Saturday, December 14 – Quincycles celebrated the striping of Quincy’s first bicycle lanes on Adams Street between Furnace Brook Parkway and Beale Street.   A dozen Quincyclists took to the street to make a celebratory ride on the lanes, starting and ending at Montilio’s Bakery.


  • January            David Loutzenheiser of the Metro Area Planning Council (MAPC) presented a vision of a 23-mile network of bicycle routes to the City of Quincy Planning Department.  A Patriot Ledger article quoted him as saying the east side of Adams Street, three sections of Hancock Street and two sections of Washington Street, could “be done in the next year.  It’s simple striping and painting.”  These improvements would not alter existing travel lanes for motorists and would have very little impact on the city’s public works budget.
  • January            Quincycles presented at the Quincy Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Showcase to begin a conversation with Quincy’s business community.  An article was presented “Nine Reasons to Create a Bicycle Friendly Business District.”
  • March              Kristina Johnson, David Loutzenheiser, and I presented at the Montclair Wollaston Neighborhood Association on Thursday, March 6.  In presenting to a group of mostly elderly residents several concerns were raised about bicycle safety and bicyclists riding responsibly.
  • April                Quincycles kicked-off its third season of offering bike rides with its “Second Saturday” ride beginning at 7:30am on Saturday, April 12 at Quincy City Hall

The Future Quincycles is well served by the rich gifts and talents of its leaders and members.  Members of Quincycles are committed to establishing a bicycle culture in the city of Quincy and are willing to put time and energy into making it happen.  Through the efforts of too many people to name (lest I forget someone unintentionally), a strong foundation has been established for Quincycles to continue to lead the way towards the fulfillment of this vision. I am encouraged by our promotional outreach rides schedule for 2014.   “Second Saturday” rides of approximately 20 miles offered April through November, and “Easy Rider Rides” offered on the third Saturday of each month as a way to encourage new or returning bicyclists on a rides fitting to them will help us continue to build the network of bicyclists in Quincy.   Participating in the DPW Bicycle Safety Rodeo on May 17, the Quincy Flag Day Parade on June 14, and the Quincy Farmer’s Market will help us continue to be visible in the community. It is my hope that Quincycles will be constructively persistent in working with the Mayor’s Bicycle Commission to implement bicycle infrastructure on our city streets.  Planning Department Director Dennis Harrington, a supporter of bicycling in Quincy, said at a 2013 Bicycle Commission meeting,  “Nothing will help more than paint on the streets.”  I believe bike lanes will encourage more riders and more riders will encourage even more riders. I would like to close with a story.  This morning I spoke with a 77-year-old Chinese resident of Quincy who was learning English in one of the ESL classes at my church.   He told me he rides his bike twice a week from North Quincy to the Kam Man Market, 219 Quincy Avenue to get groceries.  It occurred to me that this man, and perhaps most bicyclists in Quincy, will never participate in a meeting or event of Quincycles, but it is precisely for them we work.  Our work is not just to improve conditions for ourselves, but for the countless numbers of our neighbors who are already bicycling as a way of life.  May we always remember that our work has a direct impact on the lives of our neighbors and the overall health of Quincy. I am privileged to serve as President of Quincycles and to work with so many great people in this noble effort.  I look forward to what the future holds as we continue our work and our riding fun. Faithfully submitted, The Rev. Nathan Pipho Thursday, May 15, 2014