Ward 3: Ian Cain

Twenty-four people have been killed while walking and biking in Quincy since 2015.  How do you see yourself working to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety throughout Quincy?

When first elected to the city council in 2015, I advanced legislation promoting the development of a Pedestrian Master Plan to encourage a city equipped to handle multi-modal transportation and safety for pedestrians. Since that time, the city has created the TPAL department, and has found a competent and progressive traffic engineer, who, with the support of the TPAL director, is supportive of such initiatives. The city continues to adopt federally mandated “complete streets” when performing new roadway construction. Ultimate bicycle and pedestrian safety will only be successful through collaborative efforts of the state and local government. In the absence of reliable public transit, roadways continue to become more clogged with vehicle traffic. While I support the promotion of more accessible roadways for bicycles and pedestrians, we cannot continue to crowd vehicles out without a reliable public transit substitute or solution. Traffic and safety are some of the most sought-after requests of residents for QPD; unfortunately, QPD cannot spend all of its time on traffic. Furthermore, controlling the behavior of any driver is next to impossible. That being said, I will continue to work with TPAL and QPD to encourage roadway safety. We need to advocate and demand that our state leaders to improve public transportation so as to provide reliable relief to roadway traffic and alleviate potential bicycle and pedestrian safety.

How will you support building more separated and protected bike infrastructure in Quincy?

Please refer to prior response.

Currently, only a few of our schools have partnered with the state funded Safe Routes to School program.  What will you do to bring the Safe Routes to School curriculum and programs into our schools across the city?

This is the first that I’m hearing of this program. I’m happy to support efforts to promote this program, but will defer to the School Committee and School Department, which seems more appropriate.

Do you support measures to calm traffic in Quincy? (i.e. speed humps, curb extensions, etc. Learn more here) . If so, what would you do enact these measures in Quincy?

I support traffic calming measures, and know that our traffic department is always focused on new ways to implement across the city. I will continue to work with our traffic department in advancing traffic calming measures.

Quincy has had a Complete Streets policy in place since 2018 but has not yet created the called for oversight committee tasked with reviewing the city’s progress and creating metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of Complete Streets projects.  What will you do to support the full implementation of the city’s Complete Streets Policy?

Again, I will work with the traffic department to determine appropriate steps.

Candidate Contact Information

Ian Cain

Incumbent Candidate for Ward 3 City Councilor


192 S. Central Ave., Quincy, MA 02170



X (formerly Twitter): @ichuckcain

Facebook: @iancharlescain

Instagram: @iancharlescain