Mayoral Candidate: Anne Mahoney

Twenty-four people have been killed while walking and biking in Quincy since 2015.  How do you see yourself working to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety throughout Quincy?

As Mayor, I will promote safe and accessible cycling in our city through increased safety measures, access to bike sharing, working with the MBTA to secure additional bike cages, and collaboration with local organizations like Quincycles. Additionally, to foster a culture of safety, we’ll launch public awareness campaigns to educate drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike on traffic rules, the importance of sharing the road, and the mutual respect necessary for safe coexistence on Quincy’s streets.

How will you support building more separated and protected bike infrastructure in Quincy?

As Mayor, I will promote separated and protected bike infrastructure in Quincy by conducting an analysis of our Complete Streets planning. Understanding where bike infrastructure is needed most and ensuring we are connecting bikeways and multi-modal transit options through our city is paramount to expanding bike infrastructure. Furthermore, I am committed to working with the MBTA to secure additional bike cages and collaborating with local organizations like Quincycles to meet the needs of cycling constituents.

Currently, only a few of our schools have partnered with the state funded Safe Routes to School program.  What will you do to bring the Safe Routes to School curriculum and programs into our schools across the city?

Making cycling safe for all residents, including our young students, is critical. As mayor, I will review our current State Routes to School partnerships, meet with school administrators to discuss the program, and explore additional solutions to make biking to school safe and accessible for all.

Do you support measures to calm traffic in Quincy? (i.e. speed humps, curb extensions, etc. Learn more here) . If so, what would you do enact these measures in Quincy?

We need to address traffic and safety on our streets. As mayor, I will implement smart traffic management systems to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance road safety. Other measures I plan to implement include using data and technology to monitor traffic patterns and adjust signal timing accordingly, implementing traffic calming measures in residential areas, such as speed tables and raised crosswalks, and enforcing speed limits and resident parking.

Quincy has had a Complete Streets policy in place since 2018 but has not yet created the called for oversight committee tasked with reviewing the city’s progress and creating metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of Complete Streets projects.  What will you do to support the full implementation of the city’s Complete Streets Policy?

As Mayor, I will educate our constituents on the “Complete Streets” policy that ensures roads are designed to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users–including the addition of pedestrian-friendly features like sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes–to enhance safety and accessibility. I will create the necessary oversight committee tasked with reviewing the city’s progress and creating metrics for evaluation.

Candidate Contact Information

Anne Mahoney

12 Ferriter St.