Councilor-at-Large: Noel DiBona

Twenty-four people have been killed while walking and biking in Quincy since 2015.  How do you see yourself working to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety throughout Quincy?

I have been a Councilor At-Large for 8 years and have voted to start the TPAL department: Traffic, Parking, Alarm & Lighting in July 2016. I have worked closely with all three TPAL directors in increase of proper signage, crosswalk painting and stripping, crosswalk signals with blinking lights and voted for new LED lighting throughout the city. I have advocated and voted for $100million Road and sidewalk infrastructure, which includes bicycle lanes. We follow federal and state guidelines which includes bicycle infrastructure with new streets being paved or developed.

How will you support building more separated and protected bike infrastructure in Quincy?


Currently, only a few of our schools have partnered with the state funded Safe Routes to School program.  What will you do to bring the Safe Routes to School curriculum and programs into our schools across the city?

As a former school committee and current city-wide Councilor At-Large, I will work with our school department, school committee members, superintendent and Mayor in bringing Safe Routes to School curriculum.

Do you support measures to calm traffic in Quincy? (i.e. speed humps, curb extensions, etc. Learn more here) . If so, what would you do enact these measures in Quincy?

I will continue to work with DPW Commissioner and TPAL Director and the Mayor collectively to enact these measures.

Quincy has had a Complete Streets policy in place since 2018 but has not yet created the called for oversight committee tasked with reviewing the city’s progress and creating metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of Complete Streets projects.  What will you do to support the full implementation of the city’s Complete Streets Policy?

I will work with DPW Commissioner and TPAL Director and the Mayor collectively to enact these measures.

Candidate Contact Information

Noel DiBona

70 Chickatabot Road Quincy, MA 02169