Ward 2: Anthony Andronico

Twenty-four people have been killed while walking and biking in Quincy since 2015.  How do you see yourself working to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety throughout Quincy?

Traffic is always top of mind for everyone – we’ve added 10,000 people in the last decade according to the census so obviously we need to be smart about how we manage that. I touch base with Ed Grennon at TPAL at least once a week on traffic issues. Within the last 2 weeks alone, we’ve worked together with Officer Cleary to step up enforcement on a street that has a do not enter sign between 4-6pm that’s frequently used as a cut through, I also submitted an ordinance to add a stop sign to make the intersection of Endicott and Bradford a 4-way stop, and I’m proud to say that we broke ground for an additional rapid flashing crosswalk beacon by 1000 Southern Artery and Presidential Estates. Outside of the past two weeks, we’ve also added more radar speed signs to remind folks to slow down, added additional rapid flashing crosswalk beacons, and implemented smart cameras at intersections to keep traffic from backing up. Additionally, Quincy has also been a proud partner of the complete streets program for years which has required the widening of sidewalks, better signage, and the addition of bike lanes. Moving forward, residents should expect a continuation of the changes I mentioned and should know that I’m always available if there’s an area they’ve identified where we can improve.

How will you support building more separated and protected bike infrastructure in Quincy?

I was disappointed to see the removal of the bollards along Quarry Street. I believe that more infrastructure like that would encourage biking across Quincy. A concept that I could see would be the implementation of “Raised Cycle Tracks” – these are separated bike lanes elevated slightly above the road level, providing both physical separation and a visual distinction. This would not only narrow roadways slightly and reduce speeding, but also provide better protection for cyclists.

Currently, only a few of our schools have partnered with the state funded Safe Routes to School program.  What will you do to bring the Safe Routes to School curriculum and programs into our schools across the city?

This issue is mostly school-related and therefore I would defer to the elected School Committee to encourage their Leadership Team to implement this at all of their Schools. At a minimum I am happy to bring this to the attention of my former colleagues.

Do you support measures to calm traffic in Quincy? (i.e. speed humps, curb extensions, etc. Learn more here) . If so, what would you do enact these measures in Quincy?

Yes, I do. I have had numerous conversations with TPAL Director Ed Grennon to address areas of concern. We have implemented curb extensions (Edwards St and Washington St, and Commonwealth and Ruggles), narrowed lanes (Quincy Ave), added more flashing crossing beacons (Southern Artery) and speed signs (Kendrick Ave, Sumner), and more to make Quincy safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Quincy has had a Complete Streets policy in place since 2018 but has not yet created the called for oversight committee tasked with reviewing the city’s progress and creating metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of Complete Streets projects.  What will you do to support the full implementation of the city’s Complete Streets Policy?

I believe the oversight committee can better assist councillors and TPAL in identifying areas of concern and providing solutions to these issues. I look forward to working with my colleagues to establish the committee via an ordinance.

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